Tende VAV
Intensive Care Baby Incubator

High-End infant incubator with features such as; Servo oxygen, scale, height adjustment, integrated pulse oximeter (Masimo Rainbow SET), blood pressure (NIBP).

Tende VAV-TR
Intensive Care Transport Baby Incubator

High-End Transport Incubator with features such as; AC, DC, and battery power usage, Air or skin mode, Integrated pulse oximeter (Masimo Rainbow SET), Passive humidification, Robust structure,

Tende Babyblue 360
Tunnel Type Intensive LED Phototherapy

360 Degree blue LED light technology, hammock system, silence running (fan-free), adjustable upper cabin height, air temperature, and skin temperature measuring.

Tende CareBlue
LED Phototherapy Device

Blue LED technology, color TFT touch display, height adjustment (Pneumatic), angle adjustment (360 Degree)

Tende Babyblue
LED Phototherapy Device

Blue LED technology, LCD graphic display, height adjustment (Pneumatic), angle adjustment (360 Degree)

Tende VAV-IW
Radiant Infant Warmer

Tende VAV-IW High-end Infant Warmer is a comprehensive infant care system that also supports clinicians with its advanced algorithm and utmost automation feature to begin to act instantly when necessary.



We have been researching, developing and manufacturing for over a quarter century.

Headquartered in Ankara, Turkey, Tende has grown from an OEM company to a recognizable and valuable manufacturer of medical devices in the field of Neonatology. Day by day we are pushing the limits and setting new standards in the market by developing and incorporating new technologies into our products.

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality medical devices which incorporate the latest technologies to healthcare professionals worldwide. This will allow healthcare professionals to provide the best treatment to their patients. Our team is working hard on meeting the high expectations in the market and setting new standards in our field. In 2009 Tende manufactured Turkey’s first LED phototherapy unit named Tende Babyblue. This unit quickly became an important part of Neonatology Departments in hospitals all around Turkey.

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