Control Panel

With the simple, user-friendly interface of the standard 12.1 inch touch screen, it is possible to carry out the entire operation on a single screen and to make all the desired observations at the same time, so there is no need for a secondary monitor.
Activated alarms can be displayed on a single screen as a list. In this way, the clinician will be able to evaluate the priority of alarm situations.

Smart Meters

Superior Tende algorithm guides clinicians for APGAR score and can store patient data on the screen. Thus, there is no need for any data entry document during the operation and the data for the relevant patient is not lost.


Hands-Free Alarm Silence Feature

Thanks to the sensors on the device control module, alarms can be silenced temporarily without disturbing the sterilization of the clinician, so that the clinician will ensure the continuity of the operation and there will be no need for resterilization during treatment.


Temperature Control

Clinicians can easily set desired temperature values using the skin mode option on the touch screen of Tende VAV-IW. The baby skin temperature probe (Skin 1 and Skin 2) can be disposable or reusable. In case of exceeding the determined set values, the system makes visual and audible warnings. The heater power is gradually adjusted by the system to reach the desired temperature. In addition, the heaters are automatically turned off with the movement of the head of the warmer.


Bed, 360 Degree Rotation and Bed Angle (Trendelenburg)

The biocompatible, waterproof, washable and fireproof soft mattress is positioned on the mattress tray with the X-Ray cassette tray underneath. When the baby needs intervention, the mattress can be rotated 360° around its axis. Tilting can be done electronically, effortlessly, easily, smoothly and extremely safely from the control screen. Three frequently used angle settings can be saved so that the clinician can access the desired degree of tilting from frequently used tilting values with one click.


Two Way Drawer

Tende VAV-IW provides a drawer that can be opened in two directions, with a large internal space, in order to keep the usage habits of the user unchanged and for instant access. Due to its large storage, all materials that may be needed for instant use such as hoses and diapers can be kept in the drawer.


Integrated NIBP and Pulse Oximetry System (Optional)

The vital parameters of the baby can be monitored continuously, so that the clinician can instantly monitor the baby's condition and intervene in the baby by determining the emergency situations immediately. With the pulse oximeter integrated into the Tende VAV-IW infant radiant warmer device, the pulse rate and oxygen saturation are measured without taking blood (noninvasively) from the baby. With the Masimo Rainbow SET technology used in the incubator, it is also possible to measure perfusion (PI) and pleth variability indices (PVI), hemoglobin (SpHb), methemoglobin (SpMet), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO) values. For the first time in the world, Tende has integrated Masimo Rainbow SET technology into radiant infant warmer devices.


Integrated Phototherapy and Lighting (Optional)

An integrated phototherapy unit, which is integrated into the head unit of the device and all controls are provided via the control unit, can be optionally provided, so that the common newborn jaundice can be provided while the heat and process environment needed by the baby is maintained. At the same time, with the integrated lighting unit, it gradually provides the light required for the observation of the baby, so that when the clinician needs it, the bed area can be illuminated by the radiant heater.

Device Height Adjustment (Optional)

Clinicians can electronically adjust the infant warmer height using the raising and lowering pedals located on both sides of the device for comfortable working. With the help of the motor specially produced for Tende VAV-IW, the raising and lowering process is carried out silently and smoothly, without disturbing the baby.

Wireless Scale (Optional)

Tende VAV-IW has a sensitive digital scale system with microprocessor control, automatic self-test feature and designed with the safety and comfort of the baby in mind. Before the baby is taken out, it is lifted for just a few seconds, and the system performs the weighing process when the baby is released. If the bed is inclined prior to weighing, for more accurate results, the system automatically returns the bed to its flat position before weighing and then back to its neutral position.

Resuscitation (Optional)

The resuscitation unit, including the oxygen air mixer and vacuum units, integrated into the device with its superior Tende design, can be optionally supplied with the device. Thus, clinicians can easily manage T-piece resuscitation during the operation. The vital support that the baby may need in the first moments will be at the bedside of the baby with Tende VAV-IW.