Babyblue 360


  • Easy to use with color TFT touch screen
  • An ergonomic user interface, esthetic design
  • Pull out baby mattress to reach newborns comfortably and safely
  • Pausing treatment automatically when the baby mattress is pulled out
  • The durable, reliable, sophisticated base unit
  • Low power consumption
  • Silence treatment with fan-free LED technology (Fan is optional)
  • Separately or together operable lower and upper light source sections
  • Turkish / English / German / Italian language options
  • Monitoring air and skin temperature
  • Light intensity determination in 5 levels
  • LED lifetime counter
  • Quick starting and finishing treatment
  • Programmable treatment duration and resetting
  • End of treatment warning and treatment termination automatically
  • Visual and audible alarms


Clinicians can use the color touch screen of the Tende Babyblue 360 to determine light power, duration of treatment, and monitor the duration of treatment or remaining treatment and the baby's skin temperature at the same time.